Fundraising Information

Want to earn money for your team or organization while shopping? We got you covered!

How does it work?

If you are approved for a fundraiser through On Violet, you have the option of either an online fundraiser or an in-person pop up shop. For the pop-up shops, any in-person pop-up shops must follow COVID-19 precautions. Most will occur outdoors and socially distanced, with any employees wearing masks and providing hand sanitizer on any tables. You must provide us with a space to conduct the pop up shop and schedule a day and time frame for the shop to happen. 10% of all sales from the pop-up event will be donated to your organization within a week or so of its conclusion. For online fundraisers, the easiest method, you will be given a unique discount code to post and share with family, friends, etc. This code will be valid for a specified amount of time and sales using this code will be tracked. When someone uses your code on their online order from On Violet, they will receive 5% off of their purchase. At the conclusion of your online fundraiser, 10% of all sales generated from your code will be donated to your organization within about a week. We also provide free local delivery for orders within a few days of placing in-stock orders to areas around Howell, NJ. All other orders will be shipped as soon as possible (with orders over $50 receiving free shipping).

How do we apply?

If you love our shop and are interested in fundraising with us, please email us at Please indicate in the email subject line that you are interested in fundraising. In order to be eligible for fundraising, you must show proof of either: being a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization OR send us a legitimate website verifying the organization/team you are fundraising for (for this second method we may also need proof that you are a member of the organization!). We will then work with you to set up an online or in-person fundraiser and finalize dates/times.

Is it FREE? Are there any upfront costs for us?

It is completely free for you! All we ask is that for any in-person fundraisers, you provide us with the location for the pop-up. You should not have to pay upfront for any materials or clothing (unless you are buying yourself advertising or decorating materials for your fundraiser). We are here to help you and don’t want it to be costly or difficult for your group! (You also would be paying for your own clothes/orders if you find something you love during your fundraiser and buy for yourself)

Are fundraisers customizable?

We want your fundraiser to be perfectly suited to you and your organization! Let us know if you want to change anything up for your fundraiser, we’d be happy to discuss and make it perfect for you.